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      WORKSHOP:   Photographer's Fast Track

    January 14, 2017       9:00 - 4:00       

    175 Pine Street, Manchester, CT   (downstairs)

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                             DESCRIPTION BELOW 

       Why photograph something ordinary and boring we've all seen.

      Look at things differently and make an extraodinary photograph.




FEATURES:  A colorful slideshow, video clips

BRING: camera, manual 



 DATE:  JANUARY 14, 2017                                PAY PAL PAYMENT ABOVE

 TIME:  9:00 - 4:00

 LOCATION:  Downstairs Studio, Manchester Historical Society Building, 175 Pine Street, Manchester,

                      CT  06040. 

 COST:  $50

 LUNCH: 1 hour, area eateries

 When I first started photography, I  was clueless and frustrated. I spent over a year or more  

 struggling in manual, believing that was how "real" photographers shot - but it isn't. It seemed like

 everyone else knew what they were doing; like they knew the "divine" settings; but I didn't.

 I was overwhelmed by over-technical presentations, and didn't dare ask advanced photographers

 questions; thinking it was "privileged" information. When I finally began to make progress, I found

 myself saying, "I wish I had know this when I started."

 So, I decided to write a workshop for beginners to give them a "wide-angle" view of photography from

  turning on the camera to shooting, editing, framing, fun with photos, and lots of cool tips in between.

Introduction; camera, lenses, equipment; light; exposure; exposure compensation; how to get sharp images; juggling aperture, shutter, ISO; elements of composition; flash, strobe, and fill flash; special settings like waterfalls, fireworks, and bokeh; portraits and landscapes tips; RAW vs JPEG files; organizing photos; basic processing /editing & software; framing; slide shows & cards; informative websites; legal aspects; fun with photos (including special effects and putting your photo on a magazine cover, etc.




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