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  “Awakening ourselves and our creativity thru the lens;

   learning, sharing & enjoying great times with friends.”  

    Organizer, Sue Fenton


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DATE:  May 13, 2017

WHERE:  Trinity-on-Main Cultural Center, 69 Main Street, New Britain, CT

TIME: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm      Doors open at 8:00 am.  

    FREE parking - Chestnut St. garage across side street. Eateries list provided that day.

             HUNT'S PHOTO & VIDEO will be there.




   A Creative Immersion with Canon Explorer of Light


       We are very fortunate to be able to bring the extraordinary Tyler Stableford to the area. Join this award-winning photographer and director for an unforgettable day of multimedia storytelling, inspiration and tips for raising the bar of your own imagery. Tyler will take the audience behind the scenes of his latest projects in this interactive seminar, ranging from fine-art portraiture to high-angle adventures, sharing notes from the field. Come prepared to learn and to empower your own photographic and cinematographic pursuits.

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About Tyler:

      Director, filmaker, and photographer, Tyler Stableford, has earned a worldwide clientele for his work. At the heart of his ethos, Tyler crafts bold visual stories for TV commercials, print and branded content campaigns.

     "As a former journalist, photojournalist, and magazine editor, I’ve spent most of a decade before becoming a full-time photographer, honing and crafting a sense of story. So that’s been very important" Tyler Stableford

     Tyler is one of Canon’s prestigious Explorers of Light, and Men's Journal named him "One of the Seven World's Greatest Adventure Photographers.” His award-winning short films have screened at film festivals around the globe. Tyler’s passion for storytelling extends beyond commercial work—he volunteers to shoot at least one week per year for nonprofits. He is an active member of environmental organizations. He lives in Aspen, Colorado with his wife and family. Tyler is a graduate of Dartmouth College and has won numerous awards for his print and motion work, including:

Communication Arts Photo Annual, Cover
Graphis Photo Annual
Global Art Directors Club Cube
The Telly Awards
AME Awards
American Photo, Image Of The Year
International Motion Arts Annual
AdWeek Ad Of The Day
American Photography Photo Annual
Digital Photo Pro, Image Of The Year
Black And White Spider Awards



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      WORKSHOP:   Photographer's Fast Track

    January 14, 2017       9:00 - 4:00       

    175 Pine Street, Manchester, CT   (downstairs)

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                             DESCRIPTION BELOW 

       Why photograph something ordinary and boring we've all seen.

      Look at things differently and make an extraodinary photograph.




FEATURES:  A colorful slideshow, video clips

BRING: camera, manual 



 DATE:  JANUARY 14, 2017                                PAY PAL PAYMENT ABOVE

 TIME:  9:00 - 4:00

 LOCATION:  Downstairs Studio, Manchester Historical Society Building, 175 Pine Street, Manchester,

                      CT  06040. 

 COST:  $50

 LUNCH: 1 hour, area eateries

 When I first started photography, I  was clueless and frustrated. I spent over a year or more  

 struggling in manual, believing that was how "real" photographers shot - but it isn't. It seemed like

 everyone else knew what they were doing; like they knew the "divine" settings; but I didn't.

 I was overwhelmed by over-technical presentations, and didn't dare ask advanced photographers

 questions; thinking it was "privileged" information. When I finally began to make progress, I found

 myself saying, "I wish I had know this when I started."

 So, I decided to write a workshop for beginners to give them a "wide-angle" view of photography from

  turning on the camera to shooting, editing, framing, fun with photos, and lots of cool tips in between.

Introduction; camera, lenses, equipment; light; exposure; exposure compensation; how to get sharp images; juggling aperture, shutter, ISO; elements of composition; flash, strobe, and fill flash; special settings like waterfalls, fireworks, and bokeh; portraits and landscapes tips; RAW vs JPEG files; organizing photos; basic processing /editing & software; framing; slide shows & cards; informative websites; legal aspects; fun with photos (including special effects and putting your photo on a magazine cover, etc.




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